Phil Shuman is an Emmy-award-winning Los Angeles TV newsman, with more than 20 years of experience covering Southern California and the country. Since February 2002, Phil has worked for KTTV FOX 11 in Los Angeles, where he is an investigative reporter for the “Fox 11 Investigates ” unit as well as a substitute anchor for Fox 11 News at Ten.

Phil also hosts LA Cityview Channel 35’s “Your Council District Close-Up”, and “LA in Focus” programs, on Los Angeles City-owned cable television.

Before joining Fox, Phil was an L.A.- based correspondent for the nationally syndicated news magazine EXTRA. Phil joined EXTRA in 1996. One of his first assignments was to cover the Bosnian conflict with Geraldo Rivera, and after that covered every major national news story including the O. J. Simpson civil trial, the TWA flight 800 mystery, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, the JFK Jr. plane crash, the Columbine massacre, the Chandra Levy mystery, the Bonnie Lee Bakley murder, and the Michael Jackson trial, to name just a few.

Prior to EXTRA, Phil spent 13 years as a street reporter in Los Angeles, a respected and well-known part of KNBC-TV’s top-rated 11 p.m. Channel 4 News “Nightside” newscast. Phil covered the 1984 Summer Olympics, the Rodney King Beating Trial, the Los Angeles Riots, both trials of the LAPD officers charged in the King case, the Malibu fires, the Academy Awards, the O. J. Simpson criminal case, where he was in the courtroom for the verdict. Many of his stories were used by national broadcasts, including The Today Show, NBC News at Sunrise, and CNBC. He regularly reported on the O. J. Simpson criminal trial for NBC Weekend Nightly News. Phil was also a regular contributor to the NBC NewsChannel.